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The ever-changing and demanding rhythms of everyday life often prevent us from feeding properly, while, along with the rapidly developing technology, standardized and mutated products are gaining an increasing share of our diet.

Kampos Biomarket is targeted at those who want to fill in the gaps in their diet as well as those who are looking for authentic organic products. Our goal is to collect the best organic products from all over the world and provide them at the best prices making them, affordable to everyone.

Because eating healthy is not a luxury, it is a human Right!


When nature met ... Kampos Biomarket

A dream of life became a reality! 25 years of experience, knowledge and love for healthy eating have led us to create Kampos Biomarket. The terrestrial paradise of all healthy and tasty dishes. Thousands of flavors, fruits, vegetables, pulses, frozen, cheese, meats, pastries, jams, drinks, wines, oils, vitamins, sports supplements, cosmetics and alternative home care and cleaning products are waiting to be discovered.

Start a new, natural and healthy lifestyle.

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